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Installation Node Red dashboard

Node red Dashboard
Node red has dashboard to create and view dashboards to interact with the devices in the internet of things.
There was an earlier version call node-red-contrib-ui which was replaced by node-red-dashboard created by Dave Conway-Jones (dceejay) thanks for your great contribution.

In this case we will install this add to our Node-red, previously installed  Lubuntu (Ubuntu) in next tutorials integrate devices already used previously as Arduino and ESP8266.

Previous tutorials
Tutorial 1 : Install Lubuntu (Ubuntu)
Tutorial 2 : Installation node red platform


Dashboard installation for developers

Enter a folder / node-red
 cd ~\.node-red\node_modules 

Copy from github repositories
git clone https://github.com/node-red/node-red-dashboard.git

Enter folder node-red-dashboard
cd node-red-dashboard

Build application
npm install

Back to Folder node-red
cd ..

Run node red
node red 

Dashboard widgets available

Organization and Design Dashboards

The dashboard tab  to organize our dashboard by tabs  and groups since it does not have a tool own design, but consider this way very practical to design without worrying about compatibility design screens different resolutions on devices like smartphones tablets and  pc.

Visualization from PC

Visualization from Tablet  7"

Visualization from Smartphone 4"

Video Complete

Ready to have fun ...

Tutorial 1 : Install Lubuntu (Ubuntu)
Tutorial 2 : Installation node red platform

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