lunes, 17 de octubre de 2016

Install lubuntu (Ubuntu) from Scratch

I decided to create my desktop a virtual machine in VirtualBox with Lubuntu (Linux) combination LXDE and Ubuntu, the purpose of this virtual machine is testing the Platform IoT Node-Red Interconnect devices like Arduino and ESP8266 among others .
Official Pages lubuntu.net & lubuntu.me

VirtualBox is installed on Windows, download the latest version of lubuntu in this case lubuntu-14.04.5-desktop-i386.iso for later installation.

Clarifying that current and commonly Node-Red is installed on the platform Raspberry pi, a very practical and excellent use for this great device, but I decided to virtualize Lubuntu Linux for practicality, lightness and stability of hardware, there are also other current platforms excellent virtualization as docker among others, I hope this tutorial is taken as an introduction to those who do not conecen linux and a reminder to those already familiar with this powerful operating system and .. have fun.

Complete video 

Advantages in this case
-Restoration fast image copies virtualbox in case of errors.
-Size Image virtualbox approx 4GB
-Hardware -stability


More Information

Youtube channel

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