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Installation Node red Platform

Installing Node-Red Platform

Longtime had wanted to try this platform called Node-red created by IBM, was developed in nodejs, Node red is developed by Nick O'Leary and Dave Conway-Jones thanks for their contributions.
But that is Node-red ?
It is an open source graphical tool based connection nodes containing API'S and / or services for communication and / or connecting devices to the Internet
of things, has a friendly web interface contains a variety of basic and complex functions IoT, there is also an online version of node red called IBM bluemix.
There are many tutorials to install Node-red on a local server, but these tutorials although very complete I did not work properly, I decided collect the steps to install Node-red in Linux, in this case Lubuntu (Ubuntu) I hope you will his liking this guide.
No need to be a great programmer to use Node-red, although his native language is javascript with a few tutorials will be very easy to make applications Arduino or ESP8266 or other platforms.
Currently installed Node red on Raspberry pi, excellent, although effected, since testing I decided to install it on Lubuntu (Linux) by hardware capacity.
Tutorial Install lubuntu

For testing I have previously installed a virtual machine with lubuntu, through the SSH client PuTTY equivalent to a command terminal.

Let's start with the nodejs and Node-red installation

Repository Update
sudo apt-get update

Install nodejs.
sudo apt-get install node.js -y
sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy

Install git
sudo apt-get install git -y

Clone repository with source code on github Node-red
git clone https://github.com/node-red/node-red.git

Enter node red  folder
cd node-red

Install npm
sudo apt-get install npm -y

Install dependencies Node-red
npm install

Top folder
cd ..

Install grunt-cli globally
sudo npm install -g grunt-cli

Enter node red  folder
cd node-red

build and run Node-red application
grunt build 
 node red 

Ready to have fun .....

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