martes, 22 de marzo de 2016

Modbus RTU Master tests with Arduino via RS232 and screen Panasonic GT01

On this occasion I made our arduino communication with HMI Panasonic GT01 monochrome display via RS232 Modbus RTU, Arduino screen as Master and slave.

1 The value of the ADC 0 of arduino from a potentiometer 100 k will be displayed on the HMI Panasonic
2 The value entered from a keypad from the HMI was displayed from the arduino oled screen.

one Max232 physical is required for communication between the Arduino and the Panasonic screen

GTWIN Panasonic 
The Panasonic GT01 screen is programmed into the software GTWIN
records are redirected follows:
GDT0 = Holding Register [0]
GDT1 = Holding Register [1]

1. Communication parameters Screen

2. Modbus RTU Slave

3. Design Screens

Arduino code
Arduino is configured for reading and writing 10 log 10 records.

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