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Arduino Mega 2560 Oled Display I2C Master Modbus RTU Scada Industrial Connection

This evidence although simulate other tests carried out in previous Post implemented Arduino and protocol Modbus RTU serial master mode, is the first step for connecting arduino an environment Scada Industrial we will see more before implementing Modbus TCP IP, if you want to see continue in PDAControl final application.

Other Implementations Arduino and Modbus RTU:

Modbus RTU Master Library tests with Arduino 
Modbus RTU Master tests with Arduino via RS232 and screen Panasonic GT01
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Explanation of Application
In this test we will read a potentiometer 100k connected to the input analog 0, the value of ADC0 0-1023 be transmitted via Modbus RTU Simulator Master Modbus in Holding Register [11] and this transmitted value is displayed on the display oled Connected to the Arduino via I2C.

1- Arduino MEGA 2560 R3
2- Display Oled 128 x 64 
3- Poteciometer 100K

ADC0 visualization on display Oled

Video of tests

Arduino MEGA 2560 Master Modbus Potenciometer Display  Oled I2C


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