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Web Server Scada SVG ESP8266 Random value with 6V Battery

We have implemented a web server with the ESP8266 unlike this has a scada mini-based Vector Graphics resizable or SVG, has taken a template web server and is internally created an SVG which have been modified will parameters concerning dimensions.

It has created a basic example water tank with variable level, level change is proportional to 0 to 100%.

This example was performed ESP8266 Programming directly from Arduino IDE.

Aim of the test
1. The module requires ESP8266 connect to a local network or station.
2. Internally the module during each refresh web update the random value which will be proportional to the level of our design, have been amended a number of parameters in the SVG for animation.
3. In future tutorials teach you to make creating and configuring SVG files to perform their own module integrated into the ESP8266 Scada interfaces.
4. implementations are carried out with industrial controllers

Realized tests

- How to create and design Scada SVG and integration with ESP8266


1- ESP8266
2- Regulator  5 - 3.3v
3- Battery 6.1v

Functional Application

PCB schematic Testing


More Info:

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