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Control outputs ESP8266 with Google spreadsheets (Google docs)

How many times have looked like lighting a led from the Internet, not a local network from the Internet, there is a very useful way to light a GPIO ESP8266 from Google Spreadsheets,, but first must see this complete tutorial ESP8266 direct connection to Google Spreadsheets (Google Docs).

Programming ESP8266 with Arduino IDE in 5 minutes
To make this example must know and program the Arduino IDE ESP8266-01 below a tutorial

Connection ESP8266 and Google spreadsheet (Google Docs) Direct
I tested the bookstore Library HTTPSRedirect created by Sujay hadke (electronicsguy) thanks for their contribution to the ESP community, in your example creates a kind of chat between Google Docs and ESP8266, below a tutorial video where settings are explained and Connection.

Control outputs  ESP8266  with Google spreadsheets (Google docs) Direct

I have made changes to the library so you can control the GPIO 2 of our ESP8266, writing on or off, the ESP is constantly done reading cell A2.
Temporary change in library HTTPS Redirect.ccp to turn GPIO2, receiving the socket "On \ r"or "Off \ r".
IMPORTANT NOTE: For this example must download the modified libraries, link down on downloads.

Test Circuit


1  - 1 ESP8266 - 01
2  - 2 Converter FTDI  Serial -Usb ttl
3  - 3 Regulator 5 a 3.3v
4  - 1 diode led

Downloads  Github  Project


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