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Send Email with ESP8266 (Google Docs) Google Script App +Google Spreadsheets + Gmail

Reusing the connection is established with google  cript app google and  google spreadsheets, they have conducted tests of electronic mail sent availing the services of google.

In this case the ESP8266 sends a series of parameters to google Script Email Address, Subject, Message via the url,
  operation is both simple and I think that is simply an option to send any eventuality from your gmail account without much complication.
Simply a secure connection with Google script is done and sends a Post with the parameters required

  There is another way to send e-mails and tutorials future roadmap send emails via SMTP native from ESP8266.
SMTP from Wikipedia.

Important note :
To understand in detail the mode of operation of the connection between esp8266 and Google App Script first see the following posts, since the Library uses HTTPSRedirect created by Sujay Phadke (electronicsguy) thanks for their contribution to the community ESP,

1. ESP8266 program with Arduino IDE in 5 minutes

2. ESP8266 direct connection to Google Spreadsheets (Google Docs)

Informative note :
It should be noted that these services must have a gmail daily limit, both email and Script execution, this note is purely informative.

Informative Dashboard for Google accounts.


Arduino IDE Code
download code at the end of post

Code Google Script App
Make reading parameters from ESP8266 and makes sending email.
download code at the end of post

Google Spreadsheets 
Template Verification, Google script reads cells A2, B2, C2 and D2 There must come from ESP8266 parameters.

Terminal Serial  ESP8266
Initially, the module makes connection to the network, performs verification certificate, Send POST data.
It has created a counter to prevent uncontrolled mails sent when the counter is equal to 10 can make the shipment.

Mail from Receiver
Currently I have only tested emails to gmail, but should work to any mail server.

Video Complete Test

More Test Similar

Test Prueba 01-  ESP8266 + DS18B20 Onewire + Google Speadsheets (Google Docs)

Connection PLC fpx Panasonic and Google spreadsheets (Google docs) 

Control outputs  ESP8266  with Google spreadsheets (Google docs) Direct


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