martes, 19 de abril de 2016

PLC Panasonic FPX C14 R

Serie FP-X 

I present the Panasonic FP-X (Nais -Aromat) series Controllers PLCs or Programmable Logic has evolved, this series the successor to the FP1 series with a small and larger memory size and speed processing value optimized for control systems motion has a varidade of cassettes Ethernet communication protocols RS232 - RS422 and RS485 has the possibility of expansion of inputs and outputs also allows control of the units or expasiones inputs and outputs FP0R his cousin.

Special characteristics
-Speed Scan very fast 0.32μs program
-Protection Program with a password of 8 digits
-Allows Use 3 communication ports simultaneously.
Easy upgrade program is only connect and program.
-Allows The creation and configuration of high precision PID loops
-Total Hardware and software compatibility with any PLC of the Panasonic brand.

Presentation PLC Panasonic

Integrations Panasonic PLC and Arduino
The main idea is to make integration of this PLC (Harware Industrial) ESP8266 with the Arduino platform and using the Protocol itself and Panasonic FP series supported Modbus RTU protocol

Panasonic PLC -integration Raspberry pi Python and Emoncms

Module ESP8266 used as a bridge for programming PLC Panasonic

Panasonic PLC -ESP8266 Arduino + COM5 Protocol Our FP series supported

                       - Arduino PLC Panasonic FPX C14 + COM1 Protocol Our FP series supported

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