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Test Arduino Mega 2560 and ESP8266 (AT Commands)

This test is performed given the lack of use of serial ports Arduino Mega 2560 and test communication between the Arduino Mega 2560 and ESP8266 module,
test has been conducted, data take into account, in this case the ESP8266 has been configured to work with AT command Firmware v0.9.5.2 module 115200 baud rate.

Extra Note: If you need Esp8266 Firmware Update.

Test Connections

Materials :
1 Arduino Mega 2560 R3
1 Modulo ESP8266


It has created a strategy bidirectional connection between Port 0 (Serial USB) and Port 1, this test everything that is written in the terminal Arduino be sent to ESP8266 and vice versa, thus the correct communication is depurará ESP8266 module.

Test from Terminal
From the Arduino IDE serial terminal it was sent test the following commands:

AT    (ESP8266 responde OK
AT+GMR ( ESP8266 responde la version de firmware)

Other tests using only ESP8266 and Arduino IDE:

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